Spanish courses for young
students in Spain

We organize Spanish courses for young students who are interested in coming to Spain
to improve their language skills while at the same time enjoying a fun and educational experience

Why should young students sign up
for one of our courses?

For 30 years, Gala Internacional has been organizing Spanish courses for young students from different countries
coming to Spain to learn Spanish while having a great time

What do we guarantee?

  • Extensive experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language

  • A selection of courses designed to motivate young people

  • Personalized service

  • Individual monitoring of every student

  • A coordinator in every destination

  • A range of varied recreational, cultural and sporting activities

  • Meticulously-selected host families who share their culture with the students

  • A residence-based programme of exceptional quality

Where do our Spanish courses take place?

Move the cursor over the cities and click to find out which types of Spanish courses we organise there:

More ideas

What about learning Spanish through a hobby or sport?

Learning a language also involves the emotional factor. If students can do one of their favourite activities while learning the language in Spain, they are bound to feel more motivated and thus be more receptive.

That’s why on our Spanish courses students can choose one of the following activities if they wish:

- Spanish courses with WATER SPORTS
- Spanish courses with TENNIS
- Spanish courses with INTENSIVE TENNIS
- Spanish courses with FLAMENCO DANCE
- Spanish courses with SALSA DANCE
- Spanish courses with SOCCER/FOOTBALL TRAINING
- Spanish courses with GUITAR
- Spanish courses with GOLF
- Spanish courses with HORSE RIDING
- Spanish courses with SPANISH CUISINE
- Other hobby? us for getting more information.

How to register:

1. Choose the most suitable course for the student
2. Read our Recommendations section
3. Send us an email to clarify any queries you may have
4. Complete the registration form… and you’re ready to go!