Seville and Madrid. We enrol your child in a well-known local school and find a fantastic family for him or her to stay with. This high school programme in Spain can be arranged from 3 weeks up to a whole school year. Academic year or semester in Spain.

Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, Malaga... a highly effective Spanish course. Immerse your child in the life of a Spanish family, including, if your child likes, tennis, horseback riding, golf, guitar… and more!

Enrol your child in a Spanish course at our school in Barcelona and he/she will have a great time with other kids of its own age. Culture, salsa, flamenco, football, water sports… all this and more!

Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, Malaga... Choosing this homestay, your child will live with a Spanish family and become a young Spaniard! Practice and perfect Spanish language in a real-life scenario.