Why learn Spanish?

According to the most recent Cervantes Institute Yearbook, “El español en el mundo” (Spanish in the World):

1) Spanish is the world’s second most widely-spoken language. There are some 495 million Spanish-speakers living in different countries around the world.

2) Spanish is also the second most important language of international communications after English.

3) It is estimated that within a few years the United States will have the world’s largest population of Spanish-speaking inhabitants.

4) Spanish is the world’s third most widely-used language on the internet after English and Chinese. On Twitter, it is the second most widely-used language.

In the educational process, the ability to communicate in different languages and knowledge of different countries and cultures is becoming more and more important, both personally and professionally.

The courses we offer in Spain can be extremely useful in the process of teaching students how to become global citizens.

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