for a school trip to Spain

If you’re planning to organize a trip with your students, here are a few tips to bear in mind:

Before the trip...

• The programmes described on this website are standard examples. Have a look at them and let yourself be inspired. We can adapt the trip to your educational priorities and budget.
• Complete the form or send us a detailed description of your project and the approximate dates you would like to visit.
• Choose your preferred accommodation: with host families, in a hotel or in a youth hostel.
• Organize and confirm your trip in plenty of time to ensure availability and so we can arrange and book any tours and visits at advantageous times.
• The most popular periods are the second fortnight of March and the months of April and May.
• Visiting Spain in low season is an excellent option: January, February, early March, June, October, November and December.
• Find out about the events and festivals you’re interested in and arrange your trip around those dates. The following, amongst many others, can add a fascinating facet to your trip: Cordoba in May, the Spanish Film Festival in Malaga, any of the Fairs in Andalusia, St. George’s Day (Sant Jordi) in Barcelona, San Isidro in Madrid… the calendar is packed with fantastic events!
• Consider whether you might need an official guide for certain visits or an escort to help you with all the arrangements during your stay.
• You can combine educational and cultural activities with entertainment and sport to keep your students motivated during the trip.
• Once you know your travel dates, where you’re going, for how long and at what price, it’s important to plan a meeting with your students’ parents to explain what the trip consists of and what objectives you hope to achieve.
• Prepare a list of the students coming on the trip with their dates of birth, nationalities and details of any allergies or special diets.
• To travel to one of our Spanish destinations we recommend you contact the airline direct as most of them have a groups department which tends to offer better rates. These include:,,,,
• With regard to travel insurance, check with your school’s administration department. Most schools have an insurance policy to cover school trips.
• Make sure well in advance that your students have all got valid passports or ID cards (with written permission to leave the country if they are minors).
• If you are coming from an EU country you will need to ensure that everyone has a European Health Card and that they bring it with them to Spain in case they need to go to a clinic or hospital. If coming from a non-EU country, you should take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover any medical eventualities.

When you get to Spain…

• When you arrive you will be met and welcomed by a member of our team. Every morning someone from the local office in each destination will make personal contact with you. Our staff are on hand to provide assistance and answer any queries you may have.
• During your whole stay you can call our emergency number 24/7.
• Our aim is to ensure that your trip to Spain with Gala Internacional is an enriching experience for students and teachers alike, and that you will want to return to see and experience even more, whether in the same place or in one of our other destinations.