Spanish courses: Welcome to the Gala website!

And about time too! Over the last few months we’ve been devoting a lot of time and energy to designing a website that represents and reflects the spirit of our organization. In doing so, we’ve been fortunate enough to count on the expertise of some highly skilled professionals and the advice and inspiration of friends and associates, and our heartfelt thanks go to them all!
For some time now we’ve been set on updating and upgrading the image and contents of our website. The one we’re leaving behind had become something of a vintage relic of what the internet used to be ten years ago. We’ll remember it fondly!

Up until now we’ve been using other tools to communicate our programme of school trips and Spanish courses for young people in Spain.

Person-to-person, people-oriented contact is our working methodology, our philosophy and our strength. We have travelled the world to meet other colleagues and professionals in our sector and we shall continue to do so because as far as we are concerned it is essential to meet people, converse with them, listen to them, share ideas with them and establish close and collaborative bonds the length and breadth of our planet.

We hope this website will give a much clearer and more detailed explanation of what we do and thus open up a more streamlined, interactive channel of communication with everyone who visits it.

Let’s go!
The Gala team

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