for parents who want their child to follow a Spanish course in Spain

If you’re thinking about enrolling your child on one of our courses, please read the important information below:

Choosing the right Spanish course

• Gala offers a wide range of Spanish courses adapted to different needs and objectives.
• We offer Spanish courses for every level, from beginners through to advanced.
• Some Spanish courses are more intensive than others in terms of language learning, while others have a more recreational or cultural component; some might be more academic, while others offer the chance to practice a sport or hobby, and many put an emphasis on everyday life with a local family.
• It is very important that you involve your child in choosing the course. Read the ideas on this site and then choose your date and preferred programme.
Please book well in advance. Our courses have limited places.
• Feel free to ask our advice before you make your decision by sending us an email.
• Once you have made your decision, please go to the online form to use our secure payment system to pay by credit card or bank transfer.
• Be sure to leave plenty of time to ensure all the necessary documents are in order: passport or ID card (with written permission to leave the country in the case of minors).
• If the student is from an EU Member State, you must arrange for them to have a European Health Card and bring it to Spain in case they need to go to a clinic or hospital. Students from non-EU countries should take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover any medical eventualities.
Allergies and special diets. If your child is receiving any kind of medical treatment it is very important that you notify us, and also that he/she brings sufficient medication to cover the trip. If your child suffers from any allergies or has special dietary needs, this should be indicated on the registration form.

The trip

• • Many airlines fly to our destinations in Spain, including the following:,,,,

In Spain

• During their entire stay students can contact us 24/7 on our emergency line. We recommend that students always have this number to hand.
• The Gala Internacional team wants to make sure that this trip to Spain is a fantastic experience which broadens the student’s general education and gives parents the peace of mind that their child is getting the very most out of their Spanish experience.